May 12th - 16th

Watch live live at 17:40 CEST

Congratulations to Anish Giri on winning the Mr Dodgy Invitational and a picture of a man on a horse... again!

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MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 | Semi-Finals
MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 | Quarter-Finals
MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 | Day 2 | Round of 16
MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 | Grischuk vs Jobava
MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 | Day 1 | Round of 16
Match #6 Trailer - MrDodgy Invitational 2.0
The Pairings - MrDodgy Invitational 2.0
Match #5 Trailer - MrDodgy Invitational 2.0


Simon Williams

Peter Heine Nielsen

Nils Grandelius

Jorden van Foreest

Daniil Dubov

Vidit Gujrathi

Alexei Shirov

David Howell

Laurent Fressinet

Pepe Cuenca

David Navara

Baadur Jobava

Peter Svidler

Anish Giri

Baskaran Adhiban

Alexander Grischuk

MrDodgy's Picks

It was a great Chessable course
It was a great Chessable course
It was a great chess24 offer
It was a great chess24 offer

What is MrDodgy Invitational 2.0?

The Prestigious MrDodgy Invitational 2.0 (Bigger Better Harder) will take place between 12th-16th May.  16 players will compete in a knockout tournament for a prize fund of one (1) picture of the Organizer on a horse.  There may also be some cash prizes but that’s not important or interesting.

The Organizer

The organizer (Tournament Dictator) is MrDodgy.  From his ice-fortress in Northern Sweden, he controls vast swathes of the chess industry. Known to some as the greatest chess organizer in history, MrDodgy increasingly demonstrates the dangers of giving a guy on Twitter too much power. This is his 2nd super-tournament and he’s just as confused as you as to why it’s even happening.


Tournament details


12-16th May 16:00-20:00


Prize fund

Final Winner

$2,500 plus a picture of Dodgy on a horse

Final Loser


SF Losers


QF Losers


First round losers (8)


Prize - MrDodgy Invitational 2.0